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Website Design & Development

Responsive Website Design & Development

With our unique step-by-step Website design and development process, you can be sure that you have a professional looking Responsive website  that is compatible to all mobile platforms like IPad, IPhone and Android. We use Responsive Website/WordPress as an extension in promoting your business by using unique methods and techniques that are creatively different from our competitors.

As Easy As A-B-C

Through our unique step-by-step process, we can build a WordPress website that makes your business shine. We understand that all businesses need a solid, powerful approach to creating their website and we help you complete this process in 5 simple steps.

1Understanding Your Business. The first step to our easy WordPress Integration process is to understand your business and work with you to see what you need. By doing this, we can better evaluate how to build a unique website that matches the personality of your business, and that has all the technicalities required to attract more customers..

2Picking A Template. Through our creative methods, we first hand pick three or four suitable themes that match the quantitative and qualitative needs of your business, and then work with you to finalize a theme. We do this to involve you in the process because after all, it is your business!

3Building Content. The third step is to build the site content and help you send a powerful message to your customers about what your business is and what it offers. This will help you not only impress retained customers, it will help you inform potential customers about why are you better than your competitors.

4HTML And CSS Customization. Next we take the time to fully customize the HTML code and CSS style sheets of the existing theme. This will give your site a better look, and will appear more organized and unique to the customers that will browse through your website.

5Construct A Plug-In Powerhouse. The final step is adding sophisticated plugins to your site that enable special features like a video side bar, or music player. Although this can be an optional step, we always try to buy and install plugin for you that help in further marketing and promotion of your business.